Presented by The Boston NOR Trio

Sargis Karapetyan, Violin; Nune Hakobyan, Piano; Andrei Sobchenko, Saxophone

Saturday, June 15, 7:30 PM

Trio Pathétique in D minor, Mikhail Glinka

Preghiera (Prayer) from Piano Concerto No.2, Sergei Rachmaninov / arr. bay Fritz Kreisler

Passacaglia, George Frideric Handel / arr. by Sarkis Aslamazian

Gavotte from Symphony No.1 (Classical), Sergei Prokofiev / arr. by Sarkis Aslamazian

Suite for Trio, Alexander Arutunian

Adagio from Spartacus Ballet, Aram Khachaturian

The Red Shawl, Komitas Vartabed / arr. by Sarkis Aslamazian

Festive Song, Komitas Vartabed / arr. by Sarkis Aslamazian

Nocturne, Arno Babajanian / arr. by Nunè Hakobyan

About the NOR Trio
NOR Trio was formed by a fortuitous coming together of three instrumentalists. Nor Trio, which is New Trio in Armenian, is based on a traditional piano trio with a violin, a cello and a piano. In this unique trio, the cello is replaced by a saxophone. After originally playing a French composition written for violin, piano, and saxophone, the three musicians noticed that the tone quality of an alto saxophone brought a new perspective to the traditional ensemble. From then on, Nor Trio continued to adapt compositions written for traditional piano trios. An alto saxophone’s range is far shorter than a cello’s, therefore some string techniques cannot be transposed to a wind instrument. NOR Trio produces music that is distinctive, while still retaining the traditional aspects of a piano trio. The Trio is composed of Andrei Sobchenko, alto saxophone, Sargis Karapetyan, violin and Nunè Hakobyan, piano. Their particular focus is on Armenian and Russian music.
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