95 Years of Music to Speak to Our Time
A Four-Part Lecture

Building Bridges through Music, Part III

The Eastman and Juilliard Years

Presented by Dr. Samuel Adler

Saturday, April 27, 3:30 PM

About this Lecture:
At age ten Samuel Adler narrowly escaped Nazi Germany during Kristallnacht, the “night of broken glass.” As he and his father collected sheet music in the loft of the synagogue, saving all that they could on that terrifying night, soldiers heard them from down below. It was the sudden collapse of the pipe organ that allowed Adler and his father to run and escape through an underground tunnel. His family took the last train out of Germany with their bags full of sheet music, paving the way for Adler to study and nurture his musical gifts in America. At age ninety-five, he continues to compose, sharing his prolific musical gifts. Known for building bridges through the international language of music, as well as his optimism and “life-affirming spirit,” he is uniquely positioned TO SPEAK TO OUR TIME.

About Dr. Samuel Adler
The risk-taking composer of 400 published works taught for sixty-three years at Juilliard, and Eastman, and has given masterclasses and workshops at over 300 universities world-wide. Having studied with Aaron Copland, Paul Hindemith, Randall Thompson, and more, he knows just about everyone on the twentieth-century American music scene and has received numerous awards including ASCAP’s “Aaron Copland Lifetime Achievement Award.” He believes that one should compose in the “energy of his time” and he is without doubt one of the greatest living composers and conductors.
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